Vince Meslet

Vince Meslet

Vince Meslet

Biography and Works

Vincent produced his first oil on canvas in 1996. It was a Mirage 2000 of the French Air Force. The original is now in the featured squadron and has been exchanged with a print of Ronald Wong, still hanging in his office in Paris.

After that very first painting, his production has been going smoothly, and is often limited by his "real job" which is also time consuming.

Vincent is an Export Sales Manager in an aviation-oriented French company, giving him the opportunity to visit some mythic air bases around the world.

Every painting project spreads over long months according to his abroad involvement. Most of his subjects are the result of very in-depth history and technical research. Aircraft perspective is constructed by descriptive geometry discovered in the book of Keith Ferris.

His preferred period of aviation is the jet era. His canvases depict mostly French Forces but there may be some changes in the near future, so stay tuned!


Artist's Work 1
The Basrah Raid
Artist's Work 2
"Qualified Quail"
Artist's Work 3
Sword of the Sky
Artist's Work 4
Foster on Final
Artist's Work 5
Histoire de Marins
Artist's Work 6
North Defender - Oil on canvas 100*73cm A pair of F106 Deltadart is about to intercept a russian Bear above Alaska.
Artist's Work 10

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