Pete Wenman

Pete Wenman

Pete Wenman
Herne Bay
01227 373092

Biography and Works

Pete is an award winning artist, based in the UK who has always loved aircraft, but only started painting them in the last few years. Born and bought up in Kent where he still lives with his wife and two daughters he is surrounded by aviation history.

The site of Bleriots landing following his historic cross channel flight is only 20 miles away, while he can look out from his studio towards a Bf109 crash site, and Reculver Bay where the Dambusters of 617 Squadron practiced with the bouncing bomb.

Since an early age Pete loved to paint, but in his teenage years he concentrated on the construction and painting of military figures, and scale model aircraft. Over time he went on to win numerous awards in both these fields. However in 2006 the felt he needed a new challenge, and his love of aircraft and a desire to paint on canvas led him to try his hand at aviation art. The learning curve was steep initially however he joined both the Guild of Aviation Artists, and the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA), which provided support, guidance and critique.

Working in oil on canvas his favourite subjects are the 8th and 9th AAF during WWII and Naval Aviation.


Artist's Work 1
OK 2 - F-4B Phantom II
Artist's Work 2
Orion's Game
Artist's Work 3
Birds of Prey
Artist's Work 4
On Final
Artist's Work 5
TBolt on Final
Artist's Work 6
By Dawn's Early Light
Artist's Work 10

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