Giampaolo Baglioni

Giampaolo Baglioni

Giampaolo Baglioni
Sao Paolo
55 11 82240524

Biography and Works

Giampaolo Baglioni was born in Florence, Italy, but now lives in Brazil. At a very young age, he learned to draw. In the early fifties, he started to visit air shows promoted by the Brazilian Air Force and demonstrations by US Navy and US Air Force teams. The link of airplanes and his ability to draw was immediate and permanent. In 1957, he was employed by Aerolineas Real as a technician for base maintenance.  ...see more

From 1961 to 2002, he pursued a business career in investment banking, never abandoning his interest in aviation. Since mid 2002, after retiring, Giampaolo decided to dedicate his full time to aviation art. In 2005, one of his paintings, Kittyhawk Sneak Attack, was exhibited at the EAA museum.


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