David Kalbach

David Kalbach

David Kalbach

Biography and Works

David was introduced to the world of aviation by his father, a private pilot. As a youth he particularly enjoyed weekend flights to the Airport-In-The-Sky on Catalina Island where the highlight was a “carrier-like” mountain top strip and the famous pancake breakfast served to pilots. His son, a Naval Aviator, now fuels his aviation passion. David spent many hours in his youth imagining how things should look and into the wee hours of the night filled many sketchpads. ...more

Eventually, his interest in art took him into the world of advertising and business. Retirement enabled  David to visiting his son at various Naval Air Stations around the country, kicking the tires of planes, and enjoying a brew with his son and his aviator friends...and ultimately returning home  inspired by  those dedicated young people defending our country. David holds a degree in art from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with graduate studies in art at California State University, Los Angeles. David also attended the Art Center College of Design in Southern California and holds a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Southern California.


Artist's Work 1
Navy Male
Artist's Work 2
Parked for the Evening
Artist's Work 3
Top It Off Please
Artist's Work 4
Our Sunday Ride
Artist's Work 5
Breaking the Barrier
Artist's Work 10

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